Upcoming Competitions

CCDC: A major computer network defense competition across the nation. I'm really excited for this. There were a few limiting factors in HS that no longer exist meaning I can now unleash my full potential in CCDC and I look forward to it. Mason has previously had a very poor track record in this competition and I hope to try to put them on the map in it.

Ongoing Competitions:

MDC3: Maryland Cyber Challenge. Has a history of falling apart, this year was no expection. Their network crashed at Finals (Attack/Defense) and I will compete March 5th with a GMU team.
CTF Crawling: I use CTFTime to spend some of my weekends honing my abilities. I used to compete as 0x539 with a friend, but we're often too busy now to get a time together. I'm starting to compete solo as patriotdown.

Past Competitions:

CyberPatriot: In my year, the team I ran proved we were the top team in the state by far in computer network defense. Schools everywhere tried to change that to no success. We ultimately went to nationals after besting the region, including the team that supposedly destroyed us in MDC3. MDC3: Maryland Cyber Challenge. Finalist for two years in high school, but an absolute mess. Network failures and suspect disadvantages specifically for Virginia teams. I gave a writeup for this after the groups involved had a great deal of uproar and I got positive feedback on my writeup from a team member of Samurai (CTF team) and some Maryland students.