Recent Competitions (last 6 months)

Virginia Cyber Cup

I was recently on the winning team for the VA Cyber Cup in 2018. It was at VMI and featured a jeopardy CTF. For more, see the club article. The whole team contributed and this should absolutely be written off as a team competition and not an individual one.

Booz Allen CTF

I won a $100 gift card from Booz Allen at the GMU MIX on campus for essentially beating out the rest of the campus in a CTF. It was more quiz-like than it was jeopardy-like but featured some immensely strong competition. For more see the club-to-campus news article.

Capital One Wargame

I was recently on the winning team for the Capital One Wargame, a jeopardy competition hosted in Capital One's SOC. It featured other GMU students and questions on things like ciphers, packet captures, and general trivia.

AWS Programming Challenge

Advertised as either a CTF or Hackathon, the AWS Coding Challenge was a challenge hosted in AWS's Herndon office. I, along with another member of our team won an Echo. It was largely a tie amongst multiple teams so prizes got raffled, but we tied for first. There were five challenges, including Ruby test cases, trivial SQL injection, API usage, Git usage and Logs. I solved (I believe) 3 out of 5 of them. I solved the Ruby one by writing a comparable method, API usage one by crawling to the final endpoint on a hidden (browser-called) API, and possibly Git, though there were known issues with that challenge.

I was also on GMU's CCDC team before it was disbanded and intend to bring it back under more appropriate leadership.

For more events, just ask! This is just a sample.

Future Competitions

In addition to looking at National Cyber League and CCDC, most competitions listed CC intends to attend are ones I intend to.