George Mason University

Class of 2019 (extra semester)

Mason CC President and Founder: Filed the paperwork personally and procured membership to start GMU's first CTF club and what is now GMU's sole cybersecurity organization.
GMU SRCT Systems Administrator: Managing servers under the * domain, soon to be the only student who's not a GMU employee and also has datacenter swipe access.
ex-GMU STEM Outreach: Helped promote GMU through STEM to all audiences, especially with camps about topics like web app security to younger audiences. I was told they lost funding and was not invited back as such. My time also became worth more than GMU could pay for me to promote them in that program.
ex-GMU Linux User Group/Patriot Hackers before they were deregistered from the university due to inactivity.
IT Major with Information Security concentration. Started as a Computer Science major but I'm not that good at Math.

Marshall, a Governor's STEM Academy

Class of 2015

Took Network Administration (Microsoft Technology Associate certification) and (CompTIA) A+ Hardware.
Marshall Academy Cyber Club Ex-President