While I have a variety of experiences between reverse engineering Java, digital forensics, offensive competition operations, and more in various different fields, the only thing that's remained consistent is my connection with Linux. In particular, I'm especially comfortable with Debian and Debian-related systems like Ubuntu. In competition since high school I was the designated Linux operator, being one of if not the main Linux systems hardening and security auditor on my competition teams in both college (CCDC) and high school. At Crypsis I maintain a number of servers, including all of my Linux servers. At NanoTech Computers I maintained the backup servers and a few internal web applications on Linux infrastructure and utilized Linux live bootable disks to provide service repair to clients.

System Hardening

Another skilset that's remained consistent is my experience with system hardening. I was first introduced to system hardening in high school, doing both Windows and Ubuntu systems hardening for CyberPatriot. In college, I participate in attack/defend competitions and also participated at least once in CCDC. I provided auditing of Active Directory permissions, enforcing Duo two factor authentication on multiple distinct service types including custom web applications and SSH of sensitive servers.

At work, with the consideration I do not manage our firewalls, I approach our security with four major priorities. For further elaboration I can discuss privately, but I've not been authorized to further discuss our infrastructure at work.
  • Protect Client and Otherwise Sensitive Data
  • Assume a LAN/Insider Threat
  • Encrypt Data Whenever Possible
  • Defense in Depth